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cat people, unite!



Cat people UNITE! It is time for all the cat-loving single women to no longer be referred to as “crazy cat ladies”. It seems that anyone with more than one or two cats is left to live with the Scarlet C for the rest of their lives. Although I am only a 2 cat household, I have been warned of the peril that will befall me if I choose to add to my cat family.

Living in awesome Austin, Texas it doesn’t take long to realize that this is a dog’s town. You can take your dog to the numerous parks in the city, you can take them to many restaurants and there are even bars that are dog friendly.

Now, don’t get me wrong.I am not anti-dog. Not even a bit! I grew up with dogs and am a wonderful dog “aunt” to one of my best friend’s dog. Who, I have to say is the most bad-ass dog around!  Exhibit A:IMG_1289

I also think it would be quite interesting frightening to see cats at a restaurant or in a bar. Jumping on the tables and knocking over your drinks, trying to claw up your leg to lazily sprawl out on top of the hanging rack of stem ware while giving you dirty looks for bringing them to this abysmal place.  I know cat’s aren’t meant to be taken anywhere. It’s enough to get them to the vet (which requires ninja like skills to get them into the carrier, followed by the sounds of 10,000 dying angels all the way to the vet’s office).

I’m just asking for you to consider, that labeling people who have a few cats as crazy, might not be a fair conclusion. I think it is more appropriate to just name them what they are. Cat people. Or people who have cats as pets. See, that was easy!

I mean, look at that face in the picture at the top of this post! How could you pass up that cuteness? Well… I didn’t pass up that cuteness. And there were 2 of them, brothers. So I HAD to adopt both of them!  Although Henry (the cuteness above) is now a full-grown 11lb man-cat. Here he is with his precious brother, Huck, now a 12lb man cat).


and here is one more:


Can you IMAGINE having to break up these two brothers just to avoid the possible life-long stigma of being called a “crazy cat lady”?  If you have even an inkling of a soul, I am thinking the answer is “NO WAY!” Here is what would be missing in my life if I only had one cat:

IMG_3032                      IMG_3081                     IMG_2404



I see your point.

I may have become a crazy cat lady.

Never mind.



plus size…like it’s a bonus.



Being fat has its challenges. I am working on becoming healthier, which I know will lead to me being less fat. I have been fat for most of my life and all of my adult life. I have been various “levels” of fat, but I have embraced that I have total control over it and that it is going to take time to get healthy and lose some weight.

My beef (no pun intended) isn’t about me being fat. That’s my problem and I’m working on it. What I still do not understand is why are all clothes for fat/big people given such absurd names?!? I will share with you the names and why I find them absurd. Here’s my list:

  1. Plus Size– It is a bonus? Plus what? Yes, it is a larger size but an 8 is bigger than a 6, so shouldn’t an 8 be a 6+2? I do not understand.
  2. Full Figured-O.K., yes, my figure is full. But the figure of a skinny person is not empty. Their figures are full too, just not as full.
  3. Women’s Sizes– I know for a fact that I was fat a long time before I was a “woman”. Plus, my Mom is a woman and if she shopped in the “women’s” department she would look like she was wearing a tent.
  4. Sized for “Real” Women– So does that mean my sisters, who probably wear a size 6 or 8, are not real? I mean I was just visiting with both of them this past weekend and I’m pretty sure they are real.

I know that clothes that fit me are outside the sizes that all the designers design for. I know that they label these sizes with names so that those of us who need to find them in the store can find them with some ease [even though we are usually sequestered to the 3rd floor in the far back corner of the big department stores…usually behind the luggage and/or home appliances].

I am not a “fat acceptance” advocate, I am an all people advocate. Regardless of your size, weight, wine preference, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, left or right-handedness, etc. I think you should not be labeled and sent off to a special department because of this.

I think that is time that these “specialty” departments become a thing of the past.

I am a realist in the understanding that not all clothes should be made for all sizes. You will never see me cramming my big old ass into a pair of skinny jeans. More power to anyone who wants to, it’s just not my thing. I know that many designers find fat people repulsive. That is their loss. We have money to spend too, so if you don’t want us in your clothes we will spend our money elsewhere. But that really isn’t my point.

Really, what I’m trying to say is that we all need to be able to shop in the same stores on the same department store floor with each other, regardless of the size jeans we need. A first step would be to move these bigger sizes to a space on the same floor as all the other women’s clothes. We, as women, have enough to deal with… as we are inundated with airbrushed perfection at every turn. The least we could do is be OK shopping with each other, regardless of our jean size.

It’s got to start somewhere.

Why not here?

Just a thought.